Take your
tastebuds on a
heavenly ride

A new twist
to your
teatime treat

to crispy

Delve into
a flavourful


Hot Bread

Foster Hot Bread Pvt Ltd, founded in 2006 as a part of Foster group of companies, is a passionate ambassador of baking industry. Bolstered by market demand, Foster Hot Bread Pvt Ltd adopted technology provided by CENTRAL FOOD TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE (CFTRI) and began large scale production at KINFRA Food Park, Kakkanchery. The company was established as the third largest bread, cake, cookies and rusk manufacturing company in Kerala and it has been an effort to find the perfect balance between keeping the business viable and providing a best in class product portfolio at an affordable price to the consumer.

We bake everything from scratch every day and are focused on creating the best tasting treats using nothing but all natural ingredients. We have forged a reputation for superior quality products which will continue to underpin our growth initiatives. Our key of focus will be increased penetration of the Indian market with health and well-being as the cornerstone and a deep-rooted belief in the valuable role that food plays in society. We prepare and packs tasty treats, capture memories and tell stories through our food. While utmost focus is paid to quality and innovation, Foster takes pride in its confectionery, savories, cakes, breads and Indian snacks.



Soft & Crispy

We bring you the crispy, crunchy joy of Chips, Murukku, Mixture and many other beloved snacks that can be a quick fix for your evening hunger pangs!.


Forever tasty

Cakes are not the only scrummy treat you get from Fosty. We have cookies, rusks and more lip-smacking delicacies for the family to enjoy.


Go for good

We have got a perfect balance of healthy, tasty and fluffy Bread and Bun along with our household favourite Chapattis and Parottas .


I simply love foster products especially the fried salted banana chips which taste so good, offering pleasant crispness. You will end up licking the flavors off your fingers. I would recommend Foster to all.

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Though these are fried, I did not notice smell of oil or oiliness. Like the way it has been prepared, very tasty and very much crunchy and a very good snacks with tea. The packing too is perfect for on- the-go munching.

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It’s a family favourite. The cookies are crisp and delicious. They have a “Fresh from the oven” feel. Package is really unique and secure. It works equally well for mid-work breaks during the day.

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I just randomly bought it, and it has proved to be a great substitute for my tea time accompaniment. I will definitely try out the other Foster items including cakes and cookies. Go for it without a second thought guys!

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